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Let's Data offers a wide range of business & technology consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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Make your data work for you

Generating new insights and achieving competitive advantage by utilizing the power of Machine Learning & Big Data.



Let your systems "see" the situation and react

With Computer Vision, a computer using artificial intelligence algorithms can identify and process images (photos, videos, etc.) that actually "understand" the content.
Accurately, computer vision can classify, identify, verify, and detect objects.



A helpful Digital Twin for your employees

In many successful companies, people tend to be overwhelmed by lots of manual routines that are necessary for business operations. By identifying and automating the most time-consuming processes, IA increases performance, decreases the cost, and improves accuracy. Most importantly, your employees will finally get time to concentrate on creative tasks.



Uncover Opportunities

Would you like to start with AI but not sure where and how.

Our experts would help you to identify the most crucial and lucrative spots.
A quick assessment of the "as-is state," the definition of the "to-be state," along with a roadmap, of getting there.


Test and polish your ideas

Already have an idea of how to transform your business?
Building a quick PoC is a great way to test the feasibility and polish the concept of your idea. We would identify the critical element in for your idea success and build a fully functional prototype to show it's capabilities.


Select the optimal technology

You've started the development of a new product or your business transformation but not sure which technologies to use?
Selecting the right technological stack is crucial for the long term success of a product and allows to avoid redundant development.
Our experts could provide you advisory on the large stack of software and hardware products and their suitability for your particular case. 

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AI-enabled lead management assistant

A global services company struggles to compete in the lead generation and management process in new markets. 

We built an AI sales team assistant, which improved a conversion rate by 12% and gained a competitive advantage for the company by the integration of new data sources.

The sales and analytics teams are getting daily recommendations on the new potential clients, as well as signals on which those recommendations were generated.

The solution in numbers:

10+ new data sources, both commercially and openly available, including social networks

500k+ new companies in the database

100+ recommendations and signals daily

12% increase in conversion rate

Development time: 4months

Development team: 3 people

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AI for automatic media content moderation

Raising social platform for media content creators enters new markets and faces significant cost increase for the media moderation.

The platform has strict data privacy and explicit content regulation rules, as part of the audience are minors. 
Also, the platform supports various media types, such as audio, video, and images, which are costly to moderate and require knowledge of the user's language.

We created an AI-empowered pilot solution to automate the moderation process partially. 

The solution can:

  • detect and translate text

  • detect personal information, such as street names, faces, etc

  • identify logos and advertising in the content

  • identify violence and explicit content

The solution in numbers:

  • up to 10k media files per day

  • 96.2% accuracy for the text and personal information detection

  • 7.5% decrease of the manual moderation and therefore cost

Development time: 4 months

Development team: 4 people



Sentiment analysis solution for the industrial products multilingual marketplace.

An industrial marketplace integrated the off-shelf solution for sentiment analysis and was not satisfied with its performance and costs. 
The off-shelf solution was trained for general usage and often was not able to identify sentiment in the industry-specific reviews. 

A custom solution was designed and trained to reach acceptable accuracy and reduce costs. 

Development flow:

  • 1st week: the data annotation environment for the client SMEs team was established, and data labeling started

  • 6th week: an initial high-quality dataset was labeled

  • 14th week: the custom solution reached the baseline performance of the commercial one

  • 22d week, the custom solution was deployed and demonstrated 37% accuracy increase

The solution in numbers:

  • 37% accuracy increase comparing to the off-shelf one

  • 60% costs saved on the analysis

  • >10000 annotated reviews

Team: 2 people 

Time: 5.5 months


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