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NewsBoard Release - an interactive tool for assessing the quality of TV news

On January 17, on the news agency’s platform “Ukrinform” non-governmental organization “Detector Media” presented NewsBoard, an interactive tool for assessing the quality of TV news which was developed by LetsData.

NewsBoard gives an opportunity to see which topics are the most popular in the evening news, whether these TV channels follow journalist standards, and where articles for the benefit of politicians, companies, and media owners were released. The analysis represents data on news releases that were broadcasted in prime time on 8 TV channels (STB, ICTV, “Ukraina”, “Inter”, “UA: Pershyi”, “1+1”, Pershyi nezalezhnyi, 5 channel).

NewsBoard updates weekly. Data have been collected for 3 years. Monitoring is based on the methodology of monitoring television and radio programs. Data has been processed by the system based on artificial intelligence that defines sentiment and entities (names, locations, events), and the connection between them and other data presented.

Not speaking about visualization, NewsBoard also gives an opportunity to download all of the data if users want to look through the data and analyze it on their own.

This project is one of the initiatives for media monitoring that are focused on combining journalism experience, the latest achievement of artificial intelligence in language processing, and the advantages of data visualization using BI instruments. Due to the high demand of foreign users, the English version of NewsBoard is planned to be released on February, 18.

NewsBoard was developed by:

The project was realized due to the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

To learn more information about the project you may watch a recording of the presentation in English or Ukrainian or read a brief user guide from Detector Media.

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